Mitu MindBody Psychotherapy

Registered Psychotherapist

Serving the Greater Toronto Area

Session Overview and Therapy Approaches

What will therapy feel like? What can I expect?

Psychotherapy is the process of discovering your inner-world, awakening to your truth, uncovering your greatest self, and learning the art of living.

During our sessions we will work through any personal difficulties you may be facing in collaboration. Our psychotherapy sessions will be held in an environment of non-judgment, compassionate listening, safety and confidentiality. Each session runs between 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 min.

Our Sessions Have Three Phases:

  1. Understanding the Situation

    In the first session we begin to give voice to your concerns and feelings. We understand the truth and depth of the problem situation. Questions will be explored such as, what factors are involved in this problem and how did it begin? Why does it cause emotional pain? How does it affect me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually? Examination of these questions will lead to greater self-awareness, insights and clarity of the situation. We will then explore your deeper life aspirations and desires, and begin to create achievable goals.

  2. Treatment & Techniques

    So how do we create the changes we desire? In this phase we begin to examine techniques and strategies for healing and transformation. Mind-body psychotherapy interventions will be introduced and we will choose an approach that fits right for you. We apply these therapeutic interventions to cope with difficult life challenges, break negative thoughts and emotional patterns, and create new and empowering mental and emotional states. You will also learn powerful tools and skills that can be integrated into your daily life to sustain positive life changes.

  3. Maintaining Changes

    By now you have understood the situation and began to use therapeutic tools for change and transformations. This phase is about experiencing the results from your continual practice. The problem situation is now experienced differently then it was in the beginning of therapy as your responses have changed. In this phase you begin to experience the achievement of your goals, and also learn how to overcome any challenges that may arise during the application of your new learning, such as facing resistances and fears. Maintenance is the goal of this phase.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The number of sessions recommended is dependant upon the client’s specific issues, goals and needs. Some clients may feel relief after the first few sessions as they have had an opportunity to discuss feelings and challenges in a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental and confidential environment. Others may continue receiving psychotherapy to work through deeper emotional healing and to address a variety of other life goals and aspirations.

Therapy for Mind, Body & Soul

Therapy Approaches

Since each client is unique, I take into consideration your personality traits, characteristics, strengths and interests, to find the best combination of any of the below mentioned approaches. Through my eclectic and integrative style, we create an approach that fits right for you.

I have studied these modalities and use a combination of the following practices:

(Click on each modality to learn more)

Yoga Psychology and Mindfulness Meditation: Learn how yoga and mindfulness meditation can help you to manage your thoughts and emotions. Balance the nervous system through applying these powerful tools and experience greater clarity, presence & inner-calm. Gain practical skills that can be integrated into your daily life.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Challenge your critical voice and break vicious cycles of negative self-talk. Discover the root of unhelpful thinking patterns. Transform limiting belief systems and develop positive thought patterns. Experience empowered ways of relating to yourself and others.

Emotion Focused Therapy: Resolve painful feelings and transform negative emotional states. Make healthy contact with feelings and thoughts that have been feared or avoided. Express your emotions in an honest and healthy way with yourself and others.

Psychodynamic Therapy: Bring to light those unconscious psychological forces that underlie difficult thoughts, feelings and life situations. Make the unconscious conscious by understanding how the past is influencing your present. Resolve inner-conflicts and enhance self-awareness.

Energy Psychology: Release emotions and memories at the level of mind, physiology and the body's subtle energy systems. Understand the energetic counterpart of thoughts and emotions, and initiate energetic changes to overcome limiting emotions, thoughts and habits.

Integrative Art Therapy: Access the healing processes of creativity. Give expression to what may be difficult to put into words. Discover inner wisdom and guidance through therapeutic art.