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December 12, 2019

Yearning for the Other so Deeply? You are missing the love that you are.

Have you had the experience of yearning so deeply for another that it actually feels like a trauma to your heart? You are left with immense pain and suffering inside because that person is no longer interested in you or available. This experience, if you look deeper, is actually telling you something about your relationship with yourself and life, and this 'person' is just a triggering situation to reveal to you where you have kept the love away from yourself. Watch this video to understand how to bring yourself back into that great experience of passion, love and excitement - the experience you had with the person that you are still craving for, but this time knowing love, joy and excitement is for you to have independent of the person! Raise the bar and give yourself everything you have ever wanted in life!

December 12, 2019

I Don't Want to Exist Anymore: Happy Outside but Sad Inside?

Have you ever encountered that moment in your life where you have a deep desire to no longer want to exist anymore? As if there is a small voice in you saying "what is the purpose of my existence, I don't want to be here anymore". If this experience has ever occurred for you then understand that there is a part of you that is asking for a death of an aspect of yourself, not your entire self, but an old outdated aspect of you that is no longer serving you. Watch this video to understand how this very moment of feeling like you don't want to live anymore can be an entry point into a rebirth of yourself, and the release of an old way of being that has not been true to who you are.

September 21, 2019

Being Your True Self. What blocks us & how to live in our joyous essence

Being your true Self is the most joyous, blissful and loving experience that you can have while being alive. Your true self is a joyous, free and divine expression, free from control, fear and lack. Understand in more depth what are the blocks that get in our way of being our most original self? Understand what is the expression of the true self, and a few key principles to help you get out of the psychological and emotional patterns that keep you constricted, unhappy and not your true self.

September 20, 2019

LOVE does not look one way. Release responsibility for another’s happiness.

When you are aligned with your true self, the expression of your love will not be one way, i.e. let me play the nice pleasing role for another. True expression of love has infinite ways it expresses itself, so we must let go of trying to play a 'role' of how we think love is suppose to be like and express itself, and instead be real, because that is true authenticity, and in our authenticity is where we honour ourselves, and that is self-love. Also, when you stop trying to be responsible for another's happiness, you will have all that extra energy to direct to yourself and focus on being your greatest, happiest and most empowered self! And when you are your best, aligned and happy self, then by just your presence and actions another person who is open to you will grows and move into greater well-being. Or, they will be triggered by their own shadows and they will have to face them, and you are not to feel responsible or guilty for that. Know thyself to know what the expression of true love is.

September 18, 2019

Feeling Unloved? Essence of Self-Care, Bringing Love Back to Yourself.

What is the true foundations of self-care. It has to do with bringing your love back to yourself. Undivided attention to yourself, where you can finally meet yourself as the beloved! Learn about how to do this, and how true self-care can heal sadness, self-judgment and deep pain. Learn to fill your heart with love through true and profound self-care.

September 15, 2019

Why Meditate? Overcome mental chaos, reclaim your Divine Centre.

What is the true process of meditation? No longer be pulled in the direction of distressing thoughts and feelings, reclaim your ability to be centered, grounded and connected to Source, the place of real joy and love. Understand how to move into higher dimensions of consciousness.