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Emotion Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is an approach that is known as ‘integrating the head and the heart’. When our mental faculties or ‘mind’ is not attuned with our emotional system or ‘heart’, important sources of information are lost, and what results are unhelpful and unsuccessful behaviours. Our emotions, if utilized effectively, have the potential to energize change and create positive transformations.

During the therapeutic process, the client and therapist work together to uncover core feelings and emotions. This is often the beginning of transformations as core feelings and emotions that had been once feared or avoided are given voice and authentic expression. As you learn to approach your feelings with honesty, clarity and compassion, you develop a greater sense of authenticity, self-empowerment, and the courage to be honest with yourself and others. EFT teaches us that as we tune into the wisdom of our core feelings and emotions, valuable insights emerge, such as clarity of ones true needs and desires, and how to align ourselves with our greater vision in life. In EFT you will learn to access a higher emotional state of love, joy, peace, empowerment and productivity.

How Emotion Focused Therapy Can Help You

  • Discover the wisdom and guidance within your emotional system
  • Resolve painful feeling and change problematic repetitive emotional states i.e. anxiety, depression, shame and guilt.
  • Make healthy contact with feelings, memories and thoughts that have been feared or avoided
  • Accept, regulate, manage and transform your own emotions
  • Express your emotions in an honest and healthy way with yourself and others
  • Experience empowered ways of relating to yourself and others.

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