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Psychodynamic Therapy

Sometimes, we find that we are behaving in ways in which we can’t quite understand. We may notice strong emotional reactions and thoughts towards people or situations that are out of proportion to the actual reality of events taking place. In these cases, it is the unconscious forces of our mind that are directing our present behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

Psychodynamic Therapy, also known as insight-oriented therapy, seeks to make the unconscious conscious. The therapist and client work together to develop greater awareness and insights into the ‘unconscious forces’ that drive the client’s present day thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We bring to light unconscious psychological forces that underlie our difficult and distressful thoughts, feelings and life situations. This happens in many ways:
We understand your difficulties in the context of you as an individual, your family history and upbringing.

From this process what was once hidden and invisible for the client is now seen and visible: the unconscious material is brought to the conscious mind for healing and resolution. The result is that the client begins to find that they are less ‘reactive’ and controlled by unconscious forces.

Clients begin to ‘respond’ to life in a more conscious and intentional way. They also better understand reoccurring themes and patterns in their life, gain insight into the roots of their issues and how their past has shaped their present behaviours.

How Psychodynamic Therapy Can Help You

  • Enhance self-awareness.
  • Increase capacity for self-reflection.
  • Identify recurring life themes and patterns.
  • Develop greater awareness and insight into unconscious forces.
  • Understand how the past influences present day thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  • Resolve inner-conflicts by discovering deep-rooted feelings and memories.
  • Act with greater self-awareness and self-reflection, feel more in control of your behaviours.

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