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Ongoing Yoga Classes & Holistic Workshops

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Guiding Philosophy & Format of Mitu’s Classes

These yoga classes guide the body and mind into a frequency state that allows for the releasing of tension, stress, low mood states and energetic resistances. In this state of surrender and trust, the bodies’ natural healing abilities are activated and balancing of our entire being can take place. Every cell of our body is nourished as we move into relaxation, joy and well-being. These yoga classes combine powerful psychotherapeutic and ancient yogic tools to lead participants on a journey of healing and wholeness. -->

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Basic Elements of Each Class:

All yoga classes incorporate ‘yogic breathing’, which promotes relaxation of the entire nervous system and of the mind. Participants learn to undo breathing patterns associated with stress and tension. The next portion of the class brings in yoga postures that serve as ‘keys’ to unlock stagnate energies in the body, thus allowing for the free flow of our vital energies. Movement of Prana is key to releasing physical and psychological blockages and returning the self to health and well-being. Each participant is unique in body and mind, therefore plenty of options are provided for modifying posture to fit your body type.

The class winds down with deep rejuvenation and relaxation. Let the body be nurtured head to toe with a gentle guided imagery that prepares you for Savasana. Nearing the end of the class the body and mind are prepare for meditation. Here we take time to listen to our intuitions, experience inner-peace, and tap into our divine essence.