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YOGA-ART-THERAPY: Healing the Chakras
Therapeutic Arts Group for Women

With Mitu Singh, (M.Ed, Reg. Psychotherapist)

Combining Yoga, Meditation, Art Therapy & Eastern Wisdom Teachings.

Held in a safe & nurturing environment, supporting your self-exploration & healing.


Each class includes guided meditation, yoga & therapeutic art.

No previous experience necessary.

1st Class
Root Chakra: Feel anchored in yourself & deepened your trust with life. Receive nourishment & abundance.
2nd Class
Sacral Chakra: The center of sensation, feeling & intimacy. Release your armor & let your energies flow!
3rd Class
Solar Plexus Chakra: Embody your inner power & honour your radiance. Take empowered actions.
4th Class
Heart Chakra: Self-love & connecting to the Source of love. Opening the heart to give & receive love.

COST (4 SESSIONS TOTAL): $200 (+HST) (Accept e-transfer, cash or Visa). All materials included: Canvas, paints, pastels, mix medium, paintbrushes, gemstones.
(Please bring your own yoga mat and writing journal.)

TIME & DATES: Mondays, 7pm-8:50pm, (Nov 18, Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9, 2019).

PRE-REGISTRATION: Call 647-694-9262 or email
Register early so materials may be purchased. Class size limited to 14 participants.

LOCATION: PaintLounge Markham, 118 Main St N, Markham, ON, L3P 1Y1.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Up to two weeks before the start of the program (before Nov 11), 100% refund for cancelling your spot in the class/workshop. 1 week before the program (before Nov 18), 50% refund for cancellations.

During the duration of the program, no refunds are given. However your registration can be passed along to someone else (with the permission of the facilitator), or one class fee can be transferred to a future class offering by the facilitator ($50 credit).

In the event of low registration numbers or an emergency, the facilitator may postpone the class/workshop, and offer the program again in the near future. All participants would receive 100% refund of their fees.

About: Mitu Singh has a love for creative expression, dance & holistic healing. She is a psychotherapist in private practice & addresses the mind, body & spirit. Mitu creates inspirational art & jewellery, & teaches yoga, meditation & therapeutic arts in Toronto & GTA. For more info visit: for inspirational art, & for her holistic psychotherapy practice.


THE CHAKRAS: According to ancient yogic teachings the Chakras are major energetic centers within our subtle energy body. They relate to our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual functioning. When we work with the Chakras we bring healing to all aspects of ourselves.

Format of Each Class, Total time, 1 hour & 50 min:

10 min, The Wisdom of Yoga & Psychology: Understand what causes the energetic, emotional, physical and psychological blockages in various major Chakras, and how it relates to personal life themes. Each class will focus on one particular Chakra and its major themes. Learn how to bring healing and transformation to aspects of yourself and your life by working with the Chakras.

30 min, Gentle Movement and Guided Meditation: Experience gentle movement and powerful guided meditations to tap into your deeper essence and access the expression of the Chakras.

50 min, Therapeutic arts: The therapeutic art activity supports you in connecting to the energies and themes of the major Chakras and discovering your deeper self. Let your energies flow! Colours are potent instruments to help you express and discover your deeper thoughts & feelings. Instructions are given for all art activities. Supplies are provided. No previous art experience necessary.

20 min, Introspection with your Art and Closing Circle: Introspective questions guiding insights and connection to your art piece. Group sharing (optional) with therapeutic support. Closing circle with Chakra healing affirmations. Some parts of the class will involve self-reflections and journaling.

Overview of the Major Chakras Covered in the Yoga-Art-Therapy Class

(The 4-session series)

1st Chakra Theme: Reclaiming our right to exist, to be in the body & to feel safe.

The root Chakra anchors us into the present moment and supports us with good boundaries. You are able to trust life, feel safe, grounded, stable and supported. With a balanced root Chakra we feel worthy to exist, to just BE, and can receive the fulfillment of our earthly needs (abundances).

Blockages: Life experience that disconnect us from the body and make us feel unsafe to be in the world.

The element is earth

2nd Chakra Theme: Reclaiming our rights to feel, connect & experience life fully.

The sacral Chakra connects us to our environment and other people. We feel fulfilled in intimacy and connection. A healthy sacral Chakra gives us the passion to live life fully and embodying our senses.

Blockages: Life experiences that involve the restriction of our emotions and our rights to experience life in its fullness, pleasures and movements. We may feel uninspired, passionless, and dull in life.

The element is water

3rd Chakra Theme: Stepping into our true power, being ourselves & taking action.

The solar plexus Chakra is about stepping into our true power. We experience confidence and feel “I can, I am capable”. The third Chakra involves forming our self-identity independent of family or societal expectations. We recognize our worthiness and express our unique divine self in the world.

Blockages: Feeling disempowered, small or inferior. In a cycle of giving away power or trying to gain power over others (power struggles). A constant need for validation and approval. A fear of taking actions due to the fear of failure.

The element is fire.

4th Chakra Theme: Experiencing self-love, & opening our hearts to give & receive love.

The heart Chakra is where we experience self-love and love for others. We cultivate compassion and empathy, and can build connections with the world. An open heart Chakra guides us into the mystical union between our personal self and divine self. We feel unconditional love, unity and wholeness.

Blockages: Life experiences involving grief, loss, betrayal, childhood abuse, excessive criticism and lack of emotional nurturance. The internalization and suppression of our emotions lead to building walls around our hearts. We are afraid of being hurt in love and mistrust others. This can express as withdrawal in relationships, or excessive expression (compensation) via codependency in order to fill the void in our hearts.

The element is air.

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