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Energy Psychology

Energy psychology combines modern psychology, neurobiology, and eastern healing practices to provide a whole mind-body system of healing. In this approach psychological functioning is understood as a multi-layered interaction between our thoughts, emotions, physiology, environment and the body’s Bioenergetic System.

The Bioenergetic System refers to the life force energy within the body, also called Qi or Prana in some cultures, and its movement through the body’s energetic pathways – The Meridian and Nadis Systems. Addressing the Bioenergetic System is a unique component of energy psychology and adds a greater level of depth to the healing process. The guiding principle of energy psychology is that for every emotion and cognition there exists an energetic counterpart. The therapist addresses disruptions of energy flow that result from emotional blocks, trauma, and distressing memories, thought and feelings. Clearing the energetic effects of emotional pain, negative thought patterns and trauma leads to the nervous system returning to a state of balance, and positive shifts in our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Many people find that addressing this level of healing provides greater transformation.

Energy Psychology Can Help You

  • Release emotions and trauma at the level of body, mind and energy systems.
  • Learn the language of your Bioenergetic system and gain deeper insights into your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  • Invite the wisdom of the body and energy systems to assist in the therapeutic process.
  • Learn how ancient healing practices are combined with modern psychology. Acquire holistic therapeutic tools that can be integrated your daily life for emotional balancing and well-being for body, mind and spirit.

Release emotions and memories at the level of body, mind and bioenergy systems. Clear the energetic effects of negative thoughts, feelings and memories.

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