Registered Psychotherapist • Greater Toronto Area

Spiritual Healing & Transformation

Often, the traditional psychotherapy framework cannot fully explain or work effectively with spiritual issue and mystical and anomalous experiences. Our psychotherapy sessions combine traditional psychotherapy and ancient wisdom teachings to provide guidance for those seeking to address spiritual and metaphysical issues, as well as understand personal mystical, spiritual and anomalous experiences.

During spiritual healing and transformation work clients will also be directed to deepen personal intuition and connect with their core essence. Application of eastern teachings to understand the nature of the self and our connection to the greater whole will be offered when beneficial for the client.

Psychotherapy can help people with spiritual healing and transformation:

  • Heal traumas and issues that are spiritually and metaphysically related.
  • Apply energetic clearing and energetic balancing.
  • Learn eastern wisdom teachings and its application for inner awakening.
  • Deepen intuition and Soul-self connection.
  • Explore tools for daily use to maintain balance and harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Free Consultation:

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