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Resolving Sexual Concerns

sexual concerns

The topic of sex and sexuality in our society and personal upbringing may have been an area that caused us to feel shame, guilt and fear. Personal sexual violation may have led us to develop a negative relationship to sex and our own sexual essence. We may be experiencing difficulties in intimacy and sex.

Other concerns may include specific sexual issues such as chronic masturbation, porn addiction, or fetishes and fantasies that are negatively affecting your life and relationships. These sexual issues may have their antecedents in negative life experiences and unmet emotional needs.

Psychotherapy can help you with understanding the underlying causes of your sexual concerns, and to assist you in developing a healthier and more positive relationship with sex and your sexual essence. Learn healthy strategies to deal with sexual issues or overcome sexual addictions, with the focus of maintaining self-love, self-understanding and self-acceptance during the process. In our session we learn to embrace the shadows instead of pushing them away, and thereby work compassionately with all aspects of ourselves.

Psychotherapy can help people experiencing sexual concerns:

  • Discover the underlying causes of current sexual issues.
  • Examine limiting belief systems and past experiences that cause shame, guilt, fear or other negative emotions towards sex and sexuality.
  • Heal negative life experiences related to sex and sexuality.
  • Create new emotional and cognitive structures to relate to sex and sexuality in a positive and nurturing way.

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