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Resolving Relationship Challenges

Do you struggle to express your true feelings and needs within your relationships, or confront those behaviours within relationships that are hurting you? Do you long to experience greater emotional bonding, closeness, trust and intimacy within your relationships? Whether you are dealing with a romantic relationship, relationships with family members, friends or co-workers, or looking for a fulfilling relationship, psychotherapy can help you journey through relationships.

Other issues in relationships can include being the victim or perpetrator of physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse or sexual abuse. In these situations we may feel alone, afraid, sad, confused, upset and hopeless. Sometimes we are faced with having to decide whether leaving our partner is the best decision for us. Navigating divorce, separation or the contemplation of leaving a partner can be emotionally taxing.

Psychotherapy can help you with providing the clarity and guidance to successfully navigate your relationships and the challenges that may arise. In our sessions together we will work on helping you access your inner power and strengths, build courage, and release fears, so that you can take the necessary steps in your relationships to live a better and more personally fulfilling life. During our session you will learn strategies that will help you create healthy and mutually supportive relationships so you can feel better about yourself, your interaction with others, and your life.

Psychotherapy can help people experiencing relationship challenges:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the causes and contributors to relationship issues.
  • Learn powerful tools such communication and relating techniques to overcome relationship challenges.
  • Heal emotional wounds related to past relationships so that you can create healthy and fulfilling relationships in the future.
  • Explore your authentic feelings and needs; learn to express them in healthy and successful ways within your relationships.

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