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How Do I Feed my Soul and Nurture my Heart? By Knowing that You Are Living Art!

Lotus art picture Rameet Singh Photography

How do I attain a high state of joy, expansiveness and optimism? How do I create the vibration within me that can override lower emotional states? How do I feed my soul and nurture my heart?

For me it’s always been about nurturing my creative side and giving voice to my deepest potential for creative expression. It’s false to say ‘ I am not a creative person’, of course you are! Because your entire being is a creative process itself. Look at the multiple complex processes that occur within your body and mind during every millisecond! What creative and powerful mechanisms exist within you, just understand one of your cells, there is a whole universe of operation within it. You are the product of the Creative Mind of the universe and your very being is living art. You need only to tap into your gifts.

Understand how creativity is a process of unleashing your greater potential to feel more expansive, alive and joyful.

Here is what creativity does for you:

  1. In the process of creativity you unleash a force within you that has the ability to create beautiful things. When you create you may a feel a sense of expansion and aliveness. This happens because you have provided the creative potential IN You to breath, to unleash, to do its thing.

  2. During the process of creating, thoughts can more easily become still, because you are focused on One Things. Time can also be transcended. Your focus on creating brings you into the present moment. The Mandala, part of the Buddhist tradition, served the purpose of bringing peoples attention into the present, stilling the mind, meditating in motion, and also learning detachment. The act of creativity has a calming effect and is beneficial for mental health.

  3. The act of creating can also bring about a sense of happiness. When you look at your art piece you may surprise yourself and see that your art peace goes beyond what you thought was possible for you to create! This brings an experience of stretching your limits, increasing confidence and also allowing you to see your greater potential.