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Shift from the State of ‘Struggle’ to Ease and Flow!

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On my personal journey of developing art, undertaking daily life tasks or doing work related assignments, I had constantly struggled with trying to get my ideas across and also make it ‘good enough’ and ‘successful’. My brain hurt sometimes and my body was so tense in the process. There was this inner struggle, this push, of trying so very hard to create that ‘perfect’ thing. I found that this process was not working very well; it was frustrating, stressful and time consuming. However, there were other times where quiet the opposite was happening. I was able to enter a certain state of mind where creativity was flowing, the project that was being undertaken was occurring with great ease. Whenever I entered this state it felt as though life was guiding me, I felt relaxed, I could enjoy the present moment during the task I was undertaking, and I had no anxiety. Everything fell into place and it came out to be even better then what my mind could perceive. What a contrast to the previous experience of struggling with trying to produce something. I wondered, “how did I do that?” I decided to very carefully observe myself and note exactly what was going on within me, within mind, my emotions and thought processes, during those times where I was at peak performance of creativity – in flow, ease and success. So here is what I discovered.

I knew that it was something about how I was RELATING to the process of creating. It was something about how I was thinking about the creative process that led to the outcomes of success or struggle. There are 3 key principles here that came from my study. Whenever I follow these 3 key principles I automatically shift from the state of ‘struggle, trying very hard to accomplish something and not getting anywhere’, to ‘unleashing a creative force within that simply guides me to create profound work’. These 3 key principles apply not only to projects or the work you are doing, but also how to approach every moment of your life and create optimum life experiences.

The 3 main principles are:

  1. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Still all thoughts of judgment, critique, over-analysis and expectations, and let the creative process flow through you and take a life of its own. The project you are making, or the moment that you are experiencing, doesn't’t have to be exactly the way your mind is wanting it to be. Sometimes mind doesn’t know that something even greater and more creative can manifest.

  2. Be open to new possibilities and ideas that emerged during your journey of creating or undertaking the assignment or task. Cultivate the flow state. What is the flow state? The flow state is a state of letting go, listening within, and trusting that each moment will guide you to the next step. The key here is TRUSTING life.

  3. Don’t create the project for anyone else or to impress anyone. Instead, let your creativity come from within, from your desire and intention to be in touch with your own authentic essence. When you decide to be in touch with your authentic and true self, you will discover that you have your very own unique flavor. We all have our own unique energy and way of being in life. So don’t try to duplicate yourself to be like someone else because in the process you may end up losing your own authentic expression.

There is an Infinite Creative Power that manifests all expressions of life. Know that this same power has created you and is accessible to you at all times. We simply need to recognize it and tap into it.