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Integrative Art Therapy

Many emotions, thoughts and feelings can be difficult to express in words. Integrative Art Therapy gives voice to deeper inner experiences that yearn to be expressed and acknowledged. Integrative Art Therapy does not require anybody to be creatively skilled, but rather it is a spontaneous process of creation that happens from deeper parts of the self. During Integrative Art Therapy the whole brain is involved –right brain during the creation of art and left-brain during the discovery of meaning and messages of the art.

Therapeutic drawing and painting activities help clients tap into important themes relevant to their presenting situation. Through art we can explore personal topics such as self-identity, exploring fears and strengths, life aspirations, dreams, and much more. Colours can represent feeling and emotional states, and therefore by working with particular colours to which we are drawn can be a therapeutic outlet for expressing ourselves. The changes in our art can represent the changes taking place within us. Therapeutic drawing and painting is a beautiful way to capture the inner transformation that occurs on your healing journey.

Journaling is a helpful tool for expressing our difficulties and challenging thoughts and emotions. By writing our thoughts on paper, this can have the effect of bringing greater calmness to the mind and clarity to the person. In addition to self-expression, journaling can also be used to tune into our intuitive voice and access inner-wisdom. In between psychotherapy sessions, clients are encouraged to journal their emotions and feelings as a way to continue ongoing self-reflection. The journal can be brought in session and explored for deeper meaning and self-understanding.

How Integrative Art Therapy Can Help You

  • Communicate through art what can be difficult to express into words.
  • Tap into deeper conscious and unconscious processes.
  • Gain new perspectives and deeper understanding of problematic issues beyond what words or the analytical mind can provide.
  • Feel understood.
  • Safe outlet for expressing overwhelming feelings such as anger, pain, rage, guilt and fear.

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